Custom Robots for the Workplaces of the Future

Meet SNAX, the workplace robot.

Drag side-to-side to interact with SNAX.


360-Degree Lidar

Allows SNAX to view the
world as a depth map


3D Stereographic Camera

Identifies the best path from
one location to another


Intuitive UI

Responds quickly to web
and voice commands

SNAX, the workplace delivery robot, was developed using the ROS navigation stack and has multiple ways of sensing the environment.

He can detect and avoid potential collisions, determine the best path from one location to another, and deal with conflicts if something is preventing his path forward.

Planned updates to SNAX include adding facial recognition and administrative functionality upgrades, such as the ability to book appointments for office visitors.

Bring SNAX into your workplace.


SNAX in Action

Automate delivery of snacks, coffee, mail, paperwork, or supplies to your office’s employees or guests.


Law Firms

Paperwork Delivery


Healthcare Offices

Medication Transport


Small Businesses

Refreshment Delivery


Manufacturing & Repair

Supply Transfer

We're shaping the workplace of the future, one robot at a time.

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